Friday, September 21, 2012
Losing My Sanity

Going to put this behind a cut, because I want to give you all the chance to *not* read about my somewhat bizarre happenings.

So something I do not discuss very frequently with people I know, is my wacky family on my mother’s side. Specifically my mother, grandmother, great grandmother (who’m I have never met.)

Essentially for a ways back, many of my relatives have had some very bizarre talents when it comes to psychic related shit. My grandmother can contact dead people on Ouji boards, and does weird Slovakian shit. I have been present on more than one occasion and have witnessed it first hand. My mother would actually drag me from the room because she did not want me to be subjected to seeing it. My first vivid memory of this, was being 10 years old and witnessing her contacting dead people. I do not like this grandmother, because quite frankly, I think she is batshit crazy. 

I have been doing a lot of reading recently, due to some very disturbing dreams I have been having. I have been having recurring dreams for years now, where I am contacting dead people, or ghosts are presenting themselves to me. It freaks me the fuck out, and I have woken up screaming on more than one occasion. I have told my mother about this quite frequently, because the dreams are so lucid, and down right frightening. Apparently she has the same types of dreams. About 90% of all of my “ghost dreams” take place in the house I grew up in. It was an old house built in the 1930’s, where my great great grandfather actually lived and died in (I never met him, but was told about him by my great grandfather.)

Through the reading that I have been doing, I have discovered that apparently certain people are more “susceptible” to ghosts contacting them through dreams. I  really do not know what to make of this. In normal situations, with normal family histories, I would just brush this off and laugh about it’s absurdity. But taking into consideration my own bizarre family history, it really is starting to freak me out. 

The dream I had last night was probably one of the scariest, and saddest dreams I have had in a long time. I was contacted by two children who had died in two completely different situations and time periods. I had sat out colored jelly beans on a floor, and had instructed them to move them, in order to converse with me in a weird coded language. 

Anyways, what I would really like, is to not have a ghost related dream for once. They are exhausting, and scare the shit out of me. 

Or better yet, I would like to know a way to handle these dreams better, so they do not scare me anymore when I have them.

Also, I could probably write pretty extensively about each weird dream I have had,  because many of them are new and unique, involving different individuals. Maybe I will write about it someday…after I know I am not going insane.

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